Innovations of Apple company


Apple is one of the leading tech companies in the world. Back in 1976 when computers were a thought of the future an innovator way above his time Steve Jobs (the face of Apple) and Steve Wozniak created one of the most influential companies in this time. Apple is not just Ipads , Ipods or Mac books but the development of technical genius’ that continue to surprise and amaze the world.

One of Apple’s greatest creations was the Apple II, the Apple II one of the first and most popular computer ever created, was first created in 1977. This was the first computer that I used in school. This was the standard computer to be used in schools from the 1980s and the 1990s. Along with the Apple II the Macintosh was what changed the way the world used computers, it had an advanced graphical user interface. The IPOD is one of the most successful of Apple’s creations, it changed the use of MP3 players and the music industry with its use of iTunes . Apple has created operating systems which compete against the big Microsoft companies. Apple just announced the new innovations on the MacBook Pro . With leaders and inventors and innovators that think beyond the box like Steve Jobs there are endless opportunities to explore in the tech world and there will always be a bigger (or in some cases smaller) and better than the last one.

Apple creations have sparked an interest in computers, programing and the like. Apple has helped programmers to develop all different types of applications by creating the Iphone and the Ipad and the programmers are able to sell the ‘apps’ on iTunes. Apple has grown from developing computers to operating system, to MP3 players to cell phones and now to tablets. Apple is the leader in innovations and I am sure it will continue to stun and amaze people all over the world! It amazes me that you have to get an appointment at the Mac store just to be seen and the sales associates are called “genius” on their cards, the Mac store is called the Genius Bar… really?


Starting a blog

So this is going to be my first post to my new blog! I just wanted to make sure it works and it looks good! Any feedback?